How To Get More Snacks in Your TryMySnacks Box

PART 1: A quick overview of what TryMySnacks offers

(You can skip to part 2 if you’re familiar with our services)

TryMySnacks is an international snack subscription box. Each month, subscribers are shipped a box full of snacks & drinks from a different country. We offer 3 plans ranging from $19.95 – $49.95+ per month & offer FREE shipping to customers in the US.

Compared to similar services available, what makes TryMySnacks unique?

Unlike most snack box services, TryMySnacks boxes offer the following advantages:

1. Box Customization: Snacks & drinks included in each box are based off the customers preference. Example: Excluding snack items due to food allergies/snack preferences such as savory vs. sweet or crunchy vs. chewy snacks. Upon registration, subscribers are given a 30 second quiz to fill out so we have an idea of what each subscribers snack needs are. For those who are extremely picky, we also offer a much more in depth profile  (optional) customers can fill out – knowing exactly what a customers snack needs are helps us better serve you. 

2. Souvenir Included + 12 Page Booklet: Each box includes a REAL coin or bill from the featured country for keepsakes. Whenever traveling to another country, you’re most likely going to have to use a foreign currency. The purpose of the coin/bill in each box is to enhance the subscribers experience of the featured country. Each box also comes with a 12 page booklet full of info about the featured country & snacks. Booklets also include recipes from the featured country & puzzles/games.

3. FREE & Fast Shipping: Shipping for subscribers in the USA is ALWAYS free & boxes are shipped on the same day (except on Sunday). Box delivery typically takes 1-3 days to arrive in the US.

PART 2: Get more bang for your buck; here’s how you can get more snacks in your TryMySnacks box!

Adding a drink or upgrading your order to V.I.P will not only increase the amount of snacks you receive, but also increase the size of the snacks.

Why? Because it increases the weight limit to your order.

Why does the weight of the box even matter?

Put simply, shipping costs are based off 2 main things;


1. Package weight: (Total weight of the box and its contents)


2. Distance: (How far the package is being shipped from point A >> B).

Here’s what I mean:

The TryMySnacks Single Pack includes 10+ snacks & has a total weight limit of no more than 1lb.

This means the package and its contents must weigh EXACTLY 1lb or less.

Adding even 1 additional ounce to the weight of the package will increase the shipping rate by 30%-50%+! 

This can get pricey pretty quick & since we offer free shipping for all domestic orders, we’ll end up drowning.

When you add a drink or upgrade to V.I.P, the weight limit is increased.

This allows us to add a drink to your order while also including larger snacks or extra bonus snacks (when available) free of charge. 

Here’s what a single pack looks like (without any upgrades – 1lb weight limit)

TryMySnacks Single Pack
Here’s what a Single Pack looks like – total weight 1lb

Now, lets see what a single pack looks like when adding a drink….

TryMySnacks Single Pack - Drink upgrade
Here’s what a Single Pack looks when adding a drink

As you can see, the difference in what you get is pretty substantial! Not only do you receive 14 snacks vs 10 snacks, but the size of the extra snacks are much bigger.

This applies to all plans, adding a drink/upgrading to V.I.P is simply a no-brainer if you want the full experience.



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