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We wanted to share our love of traveling and trying new things with the rest of the world, but also know that not everyone is able to travel all the time. That’s why at TryMySnacks, we carefully curate each box, packing it chock full of goodies so that you can experience the best of each country delivered straight to your door. from the comfort of home. Customize each box like you’d customize your itinerary and read about the snacks from entertaining booklets each month. Can’t wait for you to try(my snacks) and go on this journey with us!

What's In My Box?


Snacks You'll LOVE

Your box will include a variety of snacks from a different country every month. The best part is you wont receive any random snacks, instead we match each box individually to your snack preferences. This especially good if you have certain food allergies or you’re extremely picky with your food (like me!).


Real Coin/Bill

We include REAL coins or bills in our boxes from the featured country each month! They’re fun to collect & even though you may have eaten all your snacks already…You’ll ALWAYS have something to remember each country you visit!


12 Page Booklet

The 12 page booklet has everything you need to know about the snacks in your box, the country you’ll be traveling to for the month along with fun facts, puzzles, recipe’s & so much more!

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