Your Office Just Got a Whole lot SWEETER, Literally!

Personalized Snack Boxes For All Your Team Members

Explore Snacks From A New Country Each Month With Your Co-Workers

1.A personalized snack box for each member.

Make your team members feel appreciated. Your collleagues have their own snack preferennces & buying a few lame snack boxes from Costco can leave some members left out. To avoid that, each team member receives a snack box curated just for them!

2. Explore new cultures with your team members. 

Not only will your team members feel appreciated, experiencing new cultures with colleagues builds positive bonds. We include a REAL coin/bill from the featured country for keepsakes in each box along with a 12-page booklet. Going to the office isn't that bad afterall!

3. Delivered right to your office each month for free*.

Offices in NY (Staten Island, Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens & upstate NY) & NJ are eligable for free delivery. Order turn around as quick as 24-48 hours after placing an order. 

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*Please Note: All free box review requests are o nly approved once the affiliate has generated a  minimum of 5 sales . Exceptions can be made if a box is required to start generating traffic (ie: blog review websites/social media platforms/"unboxing" reviews etc). Shipping costs are covered for US affiliates, international affiliates will have to cover shipping costs if the 5 minimum sales limit isn't met . Shipping costs will be refunded for international affiliates after the 5 sale minimum is met.

How Does TryMySnacks Work?

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Videos are a great tool for those wanting to write articles/reviews to generate sales. We have all types of videos you can use which include animation explainer video, "unboxing" reviews, snack tests from large Influencers on TikTok etc. Let us know what you need & we'll make sure it's provided.

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Story telling done right can generate a lot of sales, but you already knew that. If you'd like more information on the services & products we provide, let us know. We have an unpublished interview (~4500 words) that goes into great detail about the story of TryMySnacks, why I started it, the success & failures since launching in mid 2020 and everything in beteween.

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Frequently Asked Questions (By Customers)

What's included in the box?

We offer 3 plans, pick a plan that best firts your needs. Shipping is always FREE for orders in the US, International shipping costs are $24.95+)

1. Mini Pack ($19.95, first box is $17.95) Includes 6+ snacks, 12-page booklet that has snack information, fun facts about the country, puzzles & so much more. Each box also comes with TryMySnacks stickers & a REAL coin/bill from the featured country. (Box weight is 12oz)

2. Single Pack ($34.95) Includes 10+ snacks, 12-page booklet that has snack information, fun facts about the country, puzzles & so much more. Each box also comes with TryMySnacks stickers & a REAL coin/bill from the featured country. 

3. Family Pack ($49.95) Includes 17-20+ snacks, 12-page booklet that has snack information, fun facts about the country, puzzles & so much more. Each box also comes with TryMySnacks stickers & a REAL coin/bill from the featured country. 

*Optional upgrades availabe (drinks/more snacks/faster shipping)

From a Customers Point Of View - What Does TryMySnacks Offer Vs. Similiar Services?

Unlike most snack box services, TryMySnacks boxes offer the following advantages:

1. Box Customization: Snacks & drinks included in each box are based off the customers preference. Example: Excluding snack items due to food allergies/snack preferences such as savory vs. sweet or crunchy vs. chewy snacks. Upon registration, subscribers are given a 30 second quiz to fill out so we have an idea of what each subscribers snack needs are. For those who are extremely picky, we also offer a much more in depth profile (optional) customers can fill out - knowing exactly what a customers snack needs are helps us better serve you. 

2. Souvenir Included: Each box includes a REAL coin or bill from the featured country for keepsakes. Whenever traveling to another country, you’re most likely going to have to use a foreign currency. Including the coin/bill in each box enhances the subscribers experience of that country. Stickers & a 12 page booklet that includes snack information, fun facts, puzzles, recipes & more is also included! 

3. Multiple Plans Available: TryMySnacks offers 3 plans for all your snack needs. The “Mini Pack” starts at $19.95, the “Single Pack” for $29.95 & the “Family Pack” for $49.95+ (Upgrades such as extras & drinks are also available). Each box includes 6-20+ snacks, 1 REAL coin/bill, stickers, a 12 page booklet full of fun facts, puzzles, recipes and so much more!

4. FREE & Fast 2-Day Shipping (USA): Shipping for subscribers in the USA is ALWAYS free & boxes are shipped on the same day (except on Sunday or holidays). Box delivery typically takes 1-3 days to arrive in the US. WE SHIP WORLD WIDE - Shipping fees apply to any country except USA orders. ($24.95+ Shipping Fee). 

What if I want to cancel?

No one likes shady companies that make it difficult to cancel. You can cancel/pause/upgrade/downgrade your account at any time right from your account dashboard.

When do I get my first box?

All new orders are shipped within 24 hours (excluding Sundays & holidays of course) and should arrive within 2-5 businness days in the US. International orders are also shipped within 24 hours but might take longer due to customs (1-2+weeks),

Do I get to choose what snacks go in my box?

No, but that's the entire point! We do however customize each box to the customers snack profile they filled out when first signing up. We also offer a much more in depth optional survey customers can fill out to reduce the chances of getting snacks you may not like. While we do take into consideration food allergies, we can't guarantee an item in your box doesn't have said ingredients.

Are the bills/coins actually REAL?!

You betcha! Each box comes with a bill or a coin from the country of the month giving you a unique experience every month.

Do you offer vegan/gluten-free/keto/vegetarian boxes?

Unfortunately not. Despite being a curated/customizable box, we currently don't offer Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten-Free etc curated boxes. Depending on the snacks of the month, there may or may not be snacks that are vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free etc friendly. If “Vegan" snacks are noted as a preference on your profile, we'll gladly add them. We just can't guarantee that your box will always contain these preferred snacks.