Promotion Terms & Conditions

What's included in the "Sampler Box"?

The sampler box will include the following:

  • 5+ Snacks from 1 featured country.
  • 1 Page pamphlet containing information about the snacks, country, coin & more!
  • A coin from the featured country. (Yes, it’s real!)
  • TryMySnacks logo stickers.

Please note that upgrades are not available for the “Sampler Box”.

Who's eligible to participate in this promotion?

The limited edition “Sampler Box” priced at $7.95 + Free shipping will start accepting pre-orders starting November 15th 2020. Subscribers who have an active subscription or have subscribed in the past & cancelled/paused their subscription are not eligible to participate in this promotion. Any such order placed by such customer will be cancelled & refunded. Why? These boxes are extremely limited & the purpose of the promotion is to give those who are interested a chance to try our service before fully committing. 

I don't live in the USA, can I still order?

Yes, we ship worldwide! Keep in mind that shipping rates do apply & vary from country to country (usually $19.95-$26.95). Free shipping is only available for US customers.

When will my order ship?

As of right now, the “Sampler Box” is only available for pre-order starting November 15th. Shipping starts December 1st. Once your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number via E-mail. Delivery typically takes 1-7 business days.

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